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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I've been quite busy over the last couple of days making cards for various occasions.

The bra and knickers card is quite cute and great for teenagers. The papers are from DCWV's teen Mat Stack, which has some lovely papers in it.

The New Home card with the paint rollers on is one of my favourite cards to make. I use scraps of embossed wallpaper painted with test pots and use the same paint on a scrap of paper to make the tiny rollers. The handles on the rollers are made with pieces of wire inside bits of Scoubie Dous (those plastic string things that kids play with)

Does anyone else get requests to make individual cards for people with very specific themes, eg 'I need a card for my second cousin who is 28 and likes bungee - jumping dressed as Mr Blobby'? I was quite stumped at first when a colleague asked me for a card for her great-gran who is 90 and likes shoes, hats and handbags and everything pink. I'm still a bit unsure about my final attempt...

The glitter stars and little flowers don't show up very well but I'm really pleased with the handbag.

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