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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Card Frenzy....

I seem to be spending all of my waking hours surrounded by all things Christmas and it's only the 2nd of December! Some really strange requests this year.....someone has asked me to make a 'horse themed' Christmas card and I have seen the perfect one on someone's Etsy site to copy.

This Rudolph card seems to go down quite well. I got the template from a patchwork magazine years ago and just reduced it to a suitable size. The eyes come from the Early Learning Centre

This is probably one of the easiest cards to make - it's just circles! I usually add texture to the pudding bit by glueing on brown beads which I have in abundance after snapping an old necklace!
This is recycled from one of last year's cards. Before throwing away any type of greetings card I always pull off useful 'bits' - this ready cut snowman was ideal to use as a topper.


  1. These are great aswell. I love the raindeer. Did you use felt?

  2. Sally - I just used two shades of thick brown paper. I had thought of using felt but thought that cutting the antlers would be a bit awkward.