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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cards For Men

My heart always sinks when I have to make cards for men.... unless I have a specific request such as a football shirt or something alcohol related, I tend to over girlify them.

My mam wanted me to do her a card for my step-dad Brian's 70th Birthday... and I tried to make this card more manly by using these wonderful Papermania For Him papers. I love doing age specific cards cos you can't go wrong using the numbers as the main embellishment. I often wander round Clinton's (for research purposes you understand) and once you get above a certain age the choice of cards available is atrocious. Hopefully this will stand out amongst the generic shop-bought efforts.

This card was for a work colleague who wanted a Valentine card for her fiance but didn't want slop and slushyness everywhere. I cut the hearts on my bug, inked them and joined them with a remnant of black ribbon. The paper along the bottom I got from a bumper pack of patterned papers - it's roses but with a lot of black in with gives a more gothic look. I thought it looked a bit too plain but she was over the moon with it so as long as the customer is happy then so am I.


  1. hiya!
    Your cards are amazing! I love the valenine one, very pretty!
    In answer to your question about my cupcake card, I just designed the card on design studio then cut it out on my cricut - absolutely fab!!
    Leanne :o)

  2. Two beautiful cards...the 70 card is great and like you say shop bought cards are rubbish ...the valentines is perfect for the non slushy soppy type bloke - your friend will be more than happy to give it to her boyfriend. :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. :)


  3. Lovely cards. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments I cannot remember which free site I got the Liverpool from however if you wish to email me your email addy I'll forward it on.

    hugs Debs x

  4. These are both gorgeous! I especially love the 70 one, how fab is that!