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Monday, May 16, 2011

Same Sketch - very different cards!

Sometimes I am just totally lacking any inspiration and end up making cards using the same design over and over again. This is a favourite layout - I made these cards about a week apart and didn't realise they were the same until I uploaded them ...

The first one is something I often get asked to make - football related cards. It's always Newcastle, Sunderland or Manchester United. I was actually thinking of making some 'England' ones for Father's Day but gave up on that idea cos they are so crap at the moment! The card is a simple decoupaged image with co-ordinating home made striped paper down the sides.

The second card is even simpler - a crucifix blinged up with ribbon and a bright blue diamante, with speckled blue edging down the sides. There's not really much else I can think of for a Christening - when I looked in the card shops the offerings were very boring so at least this card might stand out a bit.

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