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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've been soooo busy...

I haven't posted for ages as I've been so busy creating cards for loads of occasions....

I got the idea for this card from a website called Lotus Arts that make the most gorgeous wedding and anniversary cards - blatant plagiarism I'm afraid. I worried about the bulk of the flowers as the card was going into an envelope rather than a box but as the card wasn't being posted it didn't prove a problem.

Baby Boy Christening card - I wasn't sure about using the image of a frock for a baby boy but those in the know assured me that it wasnt too girly. I was annoyed that I couldn't find any ribbon and paper in exactly the same shade of blue but that's just me being anal!

Made this birthday card in a hurry for a friend who is on a diet - couldn't resist taunting her with cake! The cakes are from a card-making pack I got in a bargain bucket at Hobbycraft though I think they could be easily made using clip art images and adding diamantes.

I saw a card similar to this in an old copy of Papercraft Inspirations and just had to make it. I was a bit unsure about adding the baby's head but I'm pleased with the result. The baby's hair is made with a leaf punch with the stalk cut off!

I love the Papernation decoupage characters - they are so cute and really easy to cut out. I think that this company has really revolutionised decoupage, which I used to think was a bit of an old-fashioned crafting technique. The flower arch was made using an X-cut leaf punch and a tiny flower punch.

I'm really pleased with this 'Guido' card. I love tracing - it's a greatly under-rated craft skill and I go through loads of baking parchment which makes really cheap tracing paper. For this card I simply printed a picture of Guido from a website, traced it then decoupaged it. The most worrying bit was the fork-lift things on the front of the car and I had to highlight bits with a black pen to make it look more 3D.

I saw some embellishments like these in a magazine and they cost about £2.50 - mine cost pennies! I love the challenge of copying some of the expensive crafty bits and bobs I see in magazines - my aim is to have all my cards truely 'hand-made'. As usual I can't resist a splattering of glittery stars.

This driving test congratulations card is one of the quickest I have ever made - probably took all of 10 minutes! I'm learning myself at the moment and can't wait for someone to send one of these to me..

This retirement card was a serious challenge... what do you do for someone whose interests are skiing, cycling and snorkelling?? I couldn't resist using my fave Doodlebug paper and of course it had to be pink! The ski sticks are made from cocktail sticks and black embroidery thread.

Don't you just love the Pound Shop! My work colleague wanted a birthday card for her 10 year old who is a Hulk fanatic and these stickers were perfect. The backing paper came from a craft pack I got in Lidl a couple of years ago. Some of these cheap stores are great for crafty finds.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my flip flop card in PE Mag :)

    Your cards are fab and you've made so many! I think my fave is Guido - he's just so cute! Oh and I love your Grad one too - how ingenous!

    Patsy x