Challenge Winning cards

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Couple of Quickies...

This card started life as a punch! I enlarged a punched dress on a photocopier and using tracing paper, transferred the dress onto black paper. I added some bling, ribbon and flowers and a base of patterned paper from Dovecraft's Charcoal Prints pack. These look great in loads of colour combinations.

These Wedding cards are so easy to make and cost pennies! It's just 3 oblongs of card with the top corners rounded, a strip of ribbon along the bottom and joined together by strips of silver paper. The top piece is made with wire and peel-offs and flowers and glitter stars have been randomly added.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Frenzied Card Making

This afternoon has been glorious... wonderful sunshine and no breeze so I took my card making table (you may laugh but I have a special TV table!) into the garden and soaked up the rays as I crafted! The result was burned arms and shoulders and a wad of cards.

This car card was adapted from a card in this month's Cardmaking and Papercraft. I got the stripey paper from Hobby Craft and the ready made embellishment from The Works. This card took me about 15 minutes to make and that included waiting for my ancient computer to warm up to print the greeting!

The idea for this card alsocame from this month's Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine. The papers are from Trimcraft's Masculine paper pack and I couldn't resist sticking a button on the shirt as well.

The Footy Mad Grandad card took minutes to make cos I cheated and used ready cut decoupage (it's the future!) The green stripey paper (very Celtic) came as yet another freebie from Crafts Beautiful - I wish I could get some more cos it's really 'sporty'.

Finally the brown spotty Grandad card is one of my favourite styles of cards. A company called Second Nature makes very gorgeous but expensive greetings cards with words on the front eg Brother, Wedding, Baby etc and whenever I am having an uninspired moment it's a great idea to fall back on. The paper is again from the Trimcraft Masculine pack. All in all a very successful day!

I'm really quite pleased with this one. I got this free template from an old edition of Creative Cardmaking Ideas (whatever happened to this magazine - I loved it). The Father's Day card making session has taken over my sitting room. I have piles of magazines and boxes full of paper and 'stuff' everywhere. I'd love to be one of those tidy crafters who can confine their work to a little desk in the spare bedroom... maybe one day.

More cards for lads and dads...

This one is made with DCWV Retro papers and templates taken from a child's colouring book. Kid's colouring books are great source for all sorts of images! Add some tracing paper and it's dead easy to may your own embellishments.

I thought I'd try a male themed card in pastel girly colours - turquoise and lime green. I got these Doodlebug stickers in an Artymiss sale for 99p! I wish I'd bought the matching papers at the same time but ended up using a magazine freebie.
I'm going to keep the outlines of the stickers to use as future templates - crafty recycling!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

To Dad With Love..

Today I am mostly making Father's Day Cards. Like most people I have trouble with cards for men - they just don't fill me with inspiration at all. But as I have orders for about twenty of them I thought I'd better make a start... A nice basic one to begin with - just the word 'Dad' printed in Word Art and traced onto the lovely stripey paper from Papermania's For Him pack.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bags of Love...

Women love cards with handbags on them and when I have to make a birthday card in a hurry I knock up one of these handbag cards. I have various handbag 'templates', usually just traced out of fashion magazine. Add some ribbon for the strap and some clear gems for the fasteners and you can make some really cute handbags.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I've been quite busy over the last couple of days making cards for various occasions.

The bra and knickers card is quite cute and great for teenagers. The papers are from DCWV's teen Mat Stack, which has some lovely papers in it.

The New Home card with the paint rollers on is one of my favourite cards to make. I use scraps of embossed wallpaper painted with test pots and use the same paint on a scrap of paper to make the tiny rollers. The handles on the rollers are made with pieces of wire inside bits of Scoubie Dous (those plastic string things that kids play with)

Does anyone else get requests to make individual cards for people with very specific themes, eg 'I need a card for my second cousin who is 28 and likes bungee - jumping dressed as Mr Blobby'? I was quite stumped at first when a colleague asked me for a card for her great-gran who is 90 and likes shoes, hats and handbags and everything pink. I'm still a bit unsure about my final attempt...

The glitter stars and little flowers don't show up very well but I'm really pleased with the handbag.