Challenge Winning cards

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some for the Boys

Lordy, I didn't realise I have been away for so long - I guess life and work just took over a bit! I've still been making plenty of cards though!

Here's a couple of special requests I've had recently, both of which were for 40th birthdays. The club badges were found pretty easily on the interwebby. I printed several copies of each badge on to heavy paper rather than card (easier to cut out) and just decoupaged the image to make the badge stand out. The Liverpool card is the most successful as the badge is long rather than square and I feel the card is more balanced because of this.

The Manchester United badge is more of a square shape and I couldn't make it it any longer or it wouldn't have fit widthways. Still it was very easy to decoupage. Both recipients have apparently framed their cards and it does give me a little tingle to think of my 'artwork' being on someone's wall.