Challenge Winning cards

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day...

Making cards for blokes always fills me with dread though the products now available is starting to make the task easier

I used a cup template that came free with Papercraft Inspirations and just enlarged it on the photocopier to make this. I'm pleased with the look that the peel-offs give to the trophy - I knew I would find a use for them one day!

I think 'tie' cards for men are the equivelant of handbag cards for women! This was made with lovely Dovecraft 'male' papers and I just added buttens to the 'shirt'. I've made this card on a number of occasions in different colourways and I'm always pleased with the result.

I got this grandad decoupage from my local craft shop in Sunderland - I think the range is 'Old Codgers'. The patterned paper is from a sports scrapbooking kit and I couldn't resist adding a little Sunderland badge to it.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

More Shoes... and a cute Baby Boy

I had a bit more experimentation with colours on the shoe card...

I love making these - they are just so cute. The spotty papers are all freebies from various magazines and I got a huge pack of the textured paper from my local The Works. Like most crafters I have a hoard of ribbons which finishes off the tag. In fact, these would be great to use as gift tags for girly presents.

I think that with baby cards, less is more. I don't like them to be too fussy and patterned. I made the next two cards with just stickers and ribbon - most of my stickers come from pound/trashy shops but can look great when used with the right accessories.