Challenge Winning cards

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Two Cards!

These are just two of the more unusual requests I get for cards... a Christmas card with a 'horse' theme and something for a couple of rock fans!

The horse one had me really stumped - I started thinking along the lines of 'Little Donkey' but it just wasn't working. Then I saw a hobbyhorse card on someone's ETSY site and I'm afraid I blatently stole the outline for my horse's head!

I knew straight away what I would do for the 'rock' card. I do like the thought of snowmen playing the guitar and what better than a bright red Flying V? The background paper was made by using the words from 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' and printing them in green over and over again.

Happy Christmas everybody!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday...

My living room is looking like the production line in Santa's factory at the moment. I have all my boxes of 'stuff' stacked in the corner and in the right light I can see glitter stars in the rug. Ginger Boy also managed to get some glitter in his fur (whilst helping me of course) which will do nothing for his reputation as the gayest cat in the street!

Here's a few of the selection I made for a friend at work..

I love the simplicity of this one and considering it's just made from a peel-off, some stick on diamantes and a scrap of silver ribbon (cut from the shoulders of a silver vest!) I am pleased with the result. I hate those dangly things in tops that go around the clothes hanger and I always cut them out and hoard them in my ribbon stash. I once had really bad thoughts when I was looking for some ribbon in a particular colour... why not find the right coloured blouse/top in a shop then cut the ribbons out while in the dressing room? Luckily I found the colour I wanted in a department store and was saved from a life of crime...

These two are made in the style I tend to use when my cardmaking mojo isn't working. Amazing how a different colour scheme can make them look like totally different cards. Red/green paper is from one of the Dovecraft packs and the blue/turquoise paper came free with Making Cards mag last Christmas. The stickers are from the good old Pound Shop.

This card is for my friend's Newcastle United loving partner...much as it pains me to make it as I am a Mackem through and through! Still, one suffers for one's art. I traced the snowman from a Christmas designs book I got free with a magazine... the black and white 'snow' paper is from Doodlebug.

My mam is the world's greatest knitter and while I drool over cardmaking blogs, she is having craftigasms downloading American knitting and crochet patterns. I nicked a ball of white fluffy wool from her some time ago thinking it would come in handy for Christmas cards and I am pleased with the result I got by wrapping it around a triangle of corrugated card. Everybody at work who saw this wanted to touch it!

I got really excited today when I saw that I have people who follow my blog! What a great compliment - you've made my day!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Card Frenzy....continued..

The Christmas cards are being produced at an alarming rate...

Like most people I have trouble with cards for men - my comfort zone is definately more pink and bling rather than masculine. I've tried to keep this card plain but cute. The sticker started life as a gift tag from the Pound Shop but I carefully scraped the 'to' and 'from' off it to use as a topper!
These Golden Oldie decoupage sheets are really sweet... not too awkward to cut either.

These nestabilities are proving to be a Godsend! This very simple card was knocked up in minutes using glittery peel-offs and a ribbon.

I saw a card in a similar style on someone's Etsy site and I couldn't resist having a go at my own version. I traced the snowman from a Christmas designs book and just outlined it with a fineliner pen to add emphasis. The backing paper is actually double-sided wrapping paper from Paperchase - very useful for a snow effect!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Card Frenzy....

I seem to be spending all of my waking hours surrounded by all things Christmas and it's only the 2nd of December! Some really strange requests this year.....someone has asked me to make a 'horse themed' Christmas card and I have seen the perfect one on someone's Etsy site to copy.

This Rudolph card seems to go down quite well. I got the template from a patchwork magazine years ago and just reduced it to a suitable size. The eyes come from the Early Learning Centre

This is probably one of the easiest cards to make - it's just circles! I usually add texture to the pudding bit by glueing on brown beads which I have in abundance after snapping an old necklace!
This is recycled from one of last year's cards. Before throwing away any type of greetings card I always pull off useful 'bits' - this ready cut snowman was ideal to use as a topper.