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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Decoupage Birthdays

I'm getting really into decoupage at the moment - there's so many great designs now available and it doesn't have that old-fashioned feel about it any more. two of my favourite ranges are the Jolly Nation figures and the new Flippin' men/women ranges that have recently been issued.

These Flippin' Men images are great. like most people I find male cards a nightmare to make cos I'm basically pink and fluffy at heart. These make life so easy. They are mostly sport's based but I'm thinking of suggesting a new range to them called Flippin' Workmen covering various occupations. I think it'll work! The images are designed to have a front and a reverse view but so far i have only used the front views.

I love Jolly Nation - the company has really revolutionised decoupage and the images cover every circumstance imagionable! They have even made pre-cut images for those times when an emergency card is required. I cut the cocktail images from a sheet from one of the Trimcraft value packs