Challenge Winning cards

Saturday, April 24, 2010


It must be the season for people to get their babies christened because I've had requests for quite a few lately... and all girls!

The first one was very simply made with a peel off crucifix which I triple mounted on white and pink card. The personalised greeting makes it extra special for the recipient and I finished it off with a pale pink ribbon down the right hand side.

Another crucifix but this time it was hand cut from white card, mounted on pink and silver paper then decorated with pink ribbon and gems. I added further spangly stars and mounted the greeting in the same way as the cross.

This one is my fave. I cut the 'dress' from white card (I drew the outline myself - hence the very basic style) and decorated it with a piece of old net curtain. some pink ribbon and some tiny pink pearl things which I got as part of a nail decorating kit! It looks so delicate but in reality was just made from scraps.

These are the cards I like making best - made from leftovers and scraps and costing very little. Cards don't have to have expensive embellishments on them to make them look good and if I ever do see an embellisment in a shop that I really like I examine it closely to see how it was made and try to copy it myself at home.


  1. A beautiful set of cards, love the clean simple look, and you have done amazing work with scraps of card!
    Love Sarita xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. . . it has given me the chance to take a look at yours!

    Lovely cards!